Geek Uninstaller

Geek Uninstaller

Geek Uninstaller

Sometimes windows default uninstaller program aka  "Windows Add or Remove Programs" leaves huge amounts of scraps on your PC. Sometimes the garbage files that are still left behind will cause various problems such as causing the computer to be slow, fail in the software installation process and so on. If you do not want to experience these problems, I suggest using a third-party app like Geek Uninstaller Geek Uninstaller performs profound and quick examining a short time later and expels all junk files. Geek Uninstaller will keep your PC clean! Utilize Force Removal for some apps that hard to remove.

Geek Uninstaller is also much better and faster than "Windows Add or Remove Programs" app, It has effective highlights to uninstall and remove programs from your Windows PC. Another positive value of Geek Uninstaller is, It has powerful removal and completely uninstall any program that the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs can't evacuate ! GeekUninstaller will delete all leftover files and registry entries, and fix the program install/uninstall errors if anything found.

One of the best part of GeekUninstaller, It does not require installation since GeekUninstaller is a portable program. GeekUninstaller keeps running on both 32 and 64-bit Operating Systems from Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and 10. Simple to use and also tiny size. You're gonna love GeekUninstaller !

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